about us

So, what do we do with all the stuff we’ve bought but rarely use? We bought them because we needed them. Now it sits in our garage, attic, shed, etc. How about that one item you need but are not quite ready to make the purchase? Perhaps like many of you, I bought many things.  I bought them because I needed them for home and my work.  Take my camping equipment for example. I invested a lot of money with a big plan of spending more time with my family. After one very exciting camping excursion in my backyard, they’ve been collecting dust in my garage, for several years now. 

Borrowing/Lending, however, is not so easy. Often it’s hard to find a specific item you are looking for. We also know that goodwill Lending with friends/neighbors is not always ideal because it often results in ruining a good relationship. You will agree that a positive transaction with friendly strangers is much better than ruined relationships from a negative experience with friends. BOLELO solves this problem with easy to use sharing platform by connecting potential Borrowers with people who are willing to Lend stuff they own.

People often call me Mr. Good Neighbor.  It’s because I always let them borrow my things.  I buy, clean, maintain and store the item just so they can borrow.  I learned quickly there was a big flaw with this formula. So after years of purchasing things to use only once, I felt that there had to be a better way. I thought, if I got more use out of them then the money spent would be justified. Better yet, if I can make money by letting others borrow it then I would recoup my investment. 

So the BOLELO.org was born.  
Where you can lend things you own and make money.
Where you can borrow things you need and save money.
Where, by doing so, we can meet and help some nice local folks. It also saves our environment by keeping things from ending up in the landfill.  We call this our social, economic, and environmental sustainability project.   

Our mission is simple. We wish to make sharing a community thing by linking Borrowers and Lenders. We dare to even say we are creating a better community and less wasteful environment that we can pass down to our children. 

Please keep in mind that we are a very small company. We are so small that the sharks from the hit TV show Shark Tank probably would not even consider us a company, just a website. We ask you to have patience with us as we learn and grow this sharing marketplace.  We want to build a platform that you find useful and create an opportunity previously not available.

We hope you will share BOLELO with others.

Mr. Good Neighbor, the Founder